Moral Injury Series

Welcome to the Moral Injury Series, a set of audio lessons that give Biblical answers for understanding hurt and how to deal with it. Below each lesson are download buttons for the lesson notes and supplemental Bible reading. If you would like to request a notebook and Bible (while supplies last), please email us at: [email protected] or call us at (970) 669-1767.

Testimony of a Veteran

Lesson 1

Can I Know the Truth About Moral Hurt?

Lesson 2

Who or What Will Be My Authority for Answers?

Lesson 3 (Part 1)

How Do I Deal With My Guilt?

Lesson 3 (Part 2)

How Do I Experience Forgiveness?

Lesson 4

How Can I Heal From My Moral Hurt?

Lesson 5 (Part 1)

How Do I Deal With My Bitterness?

Lesson 5 (Part 2)

How Do I Deal With My Anger?

Lesson 6

How Do I Manage My Thought Life?