What We Believe…

Doctrinal Statement

The following are some of the basic truths that we believe.  If you have a more specific question, you may contact the office either by phone or e-mail.  We do provide a full doctrinal statement to those considering membership.

The Bible:
What we believe about the Bible is foundational to everything we believe about God!  It is through the Bible God chose to reveal Himself:  God’s person and work; The origin of God’s creation with its purpose and future; God’s relationship to man; and God’s choices available to man regarding life, living, and eternity.  And, since we believe that the Word of God is the final authority for all our faith and practice, then the Bible we hold in our hands must be absolutely accurate, true, and trustworthy.

The Godhead:

Person and Work of Christ:

Sin and Salvation:

Two Ordinances:

Local Church:

End Times: